Accounts Payable (AP)


This page contains the SMART training materials associated with the Accounts Payable (AP) module in SMART. The SMART AP training materials are organized into the following sections:

Suppliers                                                               AP Reports
AP General Info
AP Tools    AP Integration Info                        

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The training material in this section provides an overview of suppliers in SMART.

  • Check For Existing Supplier_9 2
    Before creating a new supplier, you must check to see whether the supplier already exists. This helps prevent duplicate suppliers. Even if a supplier says they are new, check anyway. If it's been a few years or they have changed their name, they could still be in the system.
    DOC, 472.00 KB

  • Creating a New Supplier
    This job aid will help you create a new supplier from start to finish. Please ensure that you have the W9 and other necessary documents before creating the supplier. These documents will give you all the necessary information to create the supplier and will be attached to the supplier file. Once a supplier has been created, the agency will be locked out of making any changes.
    DOCX, 1.29 MB

  • DA130 - Procedure Job Aid
    The DA130 form is for the addition of or change to an existing ACH bank account. This form is the official document used by the State of Kansas for authorization to make direct deposits. It must be used by all agencies for all non-employee suppliers. The only exceptions are agencies that pay an employee travel and expense out of the SMART T&E table. These agencies may use the State DA184.
    DOCX, 359.97 KB

  • 1099-and-Withholding-Training-Guide
    This is a user's guide to 1099 and withholding information. This training document shows you how to enter 1099 and withholding information into a SMART supplier record as well as how to modify the 1099 and withholding information on a voucher.
    DOC, 1.82 MB


The training material in this section provides an overview for SMART voucher creation and maintenance.

AP Tools

This document contains information regarding key pages or components within SMART that can be used to research and view additional information.

AP Reports

These documents contain SMART Report information pertaining to Accounts Payable within SMART.

AP General Info

This section contains general information for Accounts payable.
  • Accounts_Payable_End_to_End_Business_Process_Flow
    This training document shows you the flow of Accounts Payable information through SMART.
    PDF, 52.11 KB

  • Accounts Payable Month End Checklist
    This training document provides a month end checklist for SMART as it pertains to Accounts Payable transactions in SMART. Use this training document each month to make sure that you are processing all your transactions correctly, prior to month end close.
    DOCX, 541.96 KB

  • Incomplete Interfunds
    This job aid will assist agencies in searching for interfunds that need reciprocating or completion. The initiating side of an interfund is the first of two transactions that make up an interfund. The reciprocating side is the responding side of the two transactions.
    DOCX, 571.65 KB

AP Integration Info

This section contains the training materials for integration with Asset Management, Purchasing and Accounts Payable.  You should review the documents associated with your role in integration.