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Requesting an Interface File Layout

Due to security concerns, SMART Interface File Layouts will no longer be available online. To request the most current version of an interface file layout for your agency, please log a Kansas Service Desk ticket identifying which file is needed.

Interface File Layouts

A list of the current interface file layouts is below:

Supported File Uploads

INF43 Excel Deposit Upload  INF43 Job Aid 
INF50 Voucher Spreadsheet Upload  INF50 Job Aid

Interface File Layouts

INF01 Vendor Download.
INF02 Inbound Voucher
INF03 Outbound Payment
INF04 Vendor Upload
INF06 Inbound GL Journal
INF15 Chartfield Extract
INF18 Purchase Orders Output
INF19 Module Transactions (AR/GL)
INF22 Project Upload
INF26 AR Inbound Customer Interface
INF28 Pending Item
INF29 Outbound Deposit
INF35 Inbound Speedchart
INF42 Inbound Validate and Load Agency Time Capture
INF44 Inbound Deposit
INF45 Inbound Voucher Custom Fields
INF46 Task Profile
INF48 Inbound External Checks
INF57 Outbound PO Receipt File
INF59 Inbound Project Transactions
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