This page contains the SMART training materials associated with the Purchasing module in SMART. The SMART Purchasing training materials are organized into the following sections:

Return to Vendor      
                        Purchase Orders 
                                            Procurement Queries
                        Procurement Cards  
                                            Procurement Reports
                        Receipts                                             Denied Vendors
                        Supplier Contracts


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  This section includes training on how to enter requisitions in SMART. 

Purchase Orders (POs)

This section includes training on how to enter purchase orders SMART.
  • PO and Encumbrance Ref Chart
    This chart is a reference tool that can be used when determining if a PO and encumbrance is required.
    PDF, 356.43 KB

  • 10% Match Tolerances
    A match variance allowance, commonly referred to as a match tolerance, of 10% is established in SMART for the following limited category codes. These category codes are for products that often produce production overruns and are difficult to provide to the State of Kansas in exact ordered quantities.
    DOC, 495.00 KB

  • Budget Date Change Request
    This job aid contains information about submitting a Budget Date Change Request.
    DOCX, 200.24 KB

  • Byrdflt Buyer Id 9.2
    This job aid describes what agencies can do prevent the Default Buyer ID (BYRDFLT) from appearing on POs and what steps will be taken if the 'BYRDFLT' Buyer ID appears on a PO.
    DOCX, 464.10 KB

  • Manual PO Close Process
    This job aid provides steps for agencies to manually close a Purchase Order (PO) and to manually close a single PO line.
    DOC, 846.00 KB

  • Modifying PO Email Destinations
    This job aid explains how to modify email destinations for Purchase Orders (POs).
    DOC, 673.50 KB

  • Parameters for Closing POs
    The table provides information about the various fields used by the system during the close process. A Purchase Order is closed based on a combination of conditions.
    DOCX, 67.75 KB

  • P-Card Link Not Appearing On PO 09-05-13
    There are several criteria that must be met before the 'Use Procurement Card' link will display on a PO. This job aid provides the steps to validate that each of these criteria has been met, and provides steps to resolve issues associated with these criteria.
    PDF, 1.31 MB

  • PO 1099 withholding indicators
    This job aid provides instructions to set 1099 withholding indicators on POs.
    DOC, 409.50 KB

  • PO Change Order to Update Contract Spend
    For a Purchase Order (PO) associated to a contract, create a Change Order to accurately update the contract amount calculations, or contract spend, on a contract when the entire PO amount will not be used.
    DOCX, 2.17 MB

  • PO Month End Checklist 05-13-15
    DOCX, 64.05 KB

  • PO Scenarios - Cannot Pull PO Into Voucher 07-05-12
    Use these four flowcharts to determine why a PO cannot be pulled into a voucher.
    PDF, 411.66 KB

  • PO-Tool-1---PO-Activity-Summary-Page 07-12-12
    Use the Activity Summary page to review summary information pertaining to purchase orders, receipts, vouchers, payments, matching information, and RTV (Return to Vendor) information. Anyone with the 'Agency Purchasing Viewer' role can access this page and view the information on it.
    DOC, 439.46 KB

  • PO-Tool-2---Purchase-Order-Inquiry-Page 01-29-13
    Use the Purchase Order Inquiry page to view the details of a purchase order, including PO line details, Schedule (delivery information), ChartField information, Asset Management information, and Requisition information.
    DOC, 607.87 KB

  • PO Tool 3 - PO Accounting Entries 02-28-13
    Use the PO Accounting Entries page to view: PO (encumbrance) amounts versus Voucher (encumbrance reversal) amounts.
    DOC, 415.44 KB

  • PO-Tool-4---'Amount-Only'-Information 07-25-12
    This document contains an overview of the 'Amount Only' option on requisitions and purchase orders in SMART.
    DOC, 312.02 KB

  • Purchasing End To End Business Process Flow 12-08-09
    Flow chart of the end-to-end purchasing process
    DOC, 88.87 KB

  • Sourcing Workbench - Staging Statuses - Cheat Sheet
    Description and explanation of Sourcing Workbench staging statuses.
    PDF, 44.15 KB

  • Working Errors on the Sourcing Workbench
    If a requisition is not sourcing to a purchase order, users with the Buyer role can navigate to the sourcing workbench. This job aid gives the steps agencies should take to correct errors on the sourcing workbench
    DOCX, 740.80 KB

  • Printing POs
    This job aid discusses printing POs from the Report Manager and from the PO Add/Update page.
    DOCX, 588.78 KB

Procurement Cards

This section includes training on how to enter procurement card (PCard) information in SMART.
  • Assigning Mass P-Card Proxies 8-16-10
    This job aid explains how an Agency PCard Administrator is able to assign proxies to PCards in mass.
    PDF, 266.65 KB

  • PCard Disputes and Incorrect Charges - 12-19-13
    This job aid provides the steps that need to be taken in SMART in regard to PCard disputes and incorrect charges.
    PDF, 1.30 MB

  • Procurement Cards Training Guide - 01-14-14
    The Procurement Cards Training Guide gives detailed information on key agency roles and tasks: Creating/Maintaining Cardholder Profiles, Associating PCards to Requisitions and Purchase Orders, Reviewing/Approving PCard Transactions, Building the PCard Voucher.
    DOC, 12.55 MB

  • Removing PCard Proxy Access
    This job aid can assist agencies with the PCard maintenance of removing the user IDs of employees who have left the agency and had their roles removed for security.
    DOCX, 503.15 KB


This section includes training on how to enter and update receipt information in SMART.
  • SMART Training Guide - Receipts 05-28-14
    This training guide provides instructions to the SMART 'agency receiver' role on how to add and update receipts.
    DOC, 1.43 MB

  • Receiving Workbench
    This job aid provides instructions on using the Receiving Workbench which will allow agency users more control over managing their receipts by providing a method to manually close, re-open, and cancel receipts.
    DOC, 770.00 KB

Supplier Contracts

This section includes information about supplier contracts in SMART.
  • Entering Supplier Contracts Training Guide
    This training guide defines basic Supplier Contract Entry terms and concepts, explains how Supplier Contract Entry fits into the end-to-end process for Purchasing, explains how to enter transactional Supplier Contracts into SMART and explains the business processes associated with transactional Supplier Contracts in the State of Kansas.
    PDF, 1.27 MB

  • Using the Contract Expiration Report - 12-24-13
    This report will provide central Procurement Officers and agency purchasing staff with a summary view of contracts due to expire.
    PDF, 1022.61 KB

  • Viewing Contract Attachments - 8-28-13
    These instructions are provided for Agency users with the 'Agency Contract Processor' role to get to the contract attachment documents and view them once the contract has been saved.
    PDF, 639.97 KB

Procurement Queries/Reports

This section provides information on how to use the procurement queries in SMART.

Return To Vendor

This section provides Return to Vendor (RTV) information in SMART.
This section includes training on how to make a payment to a denied vendor.