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This page contains the SMART training materials associated with the
SMART Expenses module. The SMART Expenses training materials are
organized into the following sections: Job Aids and Queries.

Expenses Job Aids


This replaces the following job aids: Reassigning Approvals, Updating Department Approvers, Updating Employee Supervisor in T&E, Updating Fiscal Approvers, Workflow Maintenance Supervisor Setup.

This replaces the following job aids: Adding Attachments to Cash Advances, Adding Attachments to Expense Reports, Adding Attachments to Travel Authorizations.

This example will assist you when entering expense reports with expense dates of January 1, 2016 or later.

This replaces the following job aids: Adding a Bank Account to an Employee Travel and Expense Profile, Adding an Expense Payee, Adding a Non-Employee for Travel and Expenses 11-29-12, Default ChartField Values, and Setting Up Proxies.

An Expense Type and a Payment Type are required for each transaction line on an expense report or a travel authorization.  There are prepaid and regular Expense Types and Payment Types.  If the Expense Type and the Payment Type on a transaction line are not both prepaid types or both regular types, the mismatch will result in a balance in account 140300-prepaid expenses that must be corrected to a $0.00 balance.  This job aid discusses Expense Types, Payment Types, account 140300 balances, and how to correct an account 140300 balance to a $0.00 balance.

This training guide gives instructions on how to find an expense report number or an employee ID in SMART.

Create a journal expense report in the Expenses module to correct chartfields on an expense report in “Paid” status.  This job aid discusses how to create a journal expense report.

This job aid provides agencies with a way to look up historical payment information. Agencies will be able to view data for payments including the payment method, payment date, payment reconcile status, and supplier/employee address associated with the payment.

This job aid gives an explanation of each status on an Expense Report.

This replaces the following job aids: Canceling Travel Authorizations, Creating Travel Authorizations.

An Expense Report can be withdrawn once it has been submitted into workflow and has a “Submitted” or “Submitted for Approval” status.

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