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New INF50 Excel Voucher Spreadsheet

September 29, 2022

A new INF50 Excel Voucher Spreadsheet is available.  The new spreadsheet is part of the CPU technical update planned for the upcoming weekend on October 1-2, 2022.

It is our intent to continue to support the existing version of the INF50 Excel Voucher Spreadsheet through December 31, 2022, at which time processing for the old version will be disabled in SMART.

The new version of INF50 can be used effective Monday, October 3, 2022.

Users should enter a Service Desk ticket with Accounts Payable category and INF50 File Request sub-category to request the new template, MASTER_INF50_EXCELUPLOADFORVOUCHER_Oct_2022_PRD.XLSM.

A new job aid is available on the SMART Training page along with the INF50 Excel Voucher Upload Guide to Fields which describes the specific data elements on the INF50 Excel Spreadsheet.

The following changes and new features are introduced on this new spreadsheet:

  • Load vouchers associated to purchase orders.
  • Enter a payment message and payment handling code for the voucher. Users have also asked for the separate payment indicator, but this field is not available for inclusion on the INF50 Excel Voucher Spreadsheet.
  • A ‘Voucher Log’ excel document is created and updated as vouchers are uploaded using the INF50. This document resides in the same folder as the spreadsheet and DEST file.
  • The User ID will populate in the spreadsheet based on the User ID performing the actual upload (entering the User ID and password).This field will not be available for edit.
  • A User ID should only upload using an origin code for which they are authorized.‘I’ and ‘R’ can continue to be used for interfund vouchers.
  • New, more user-friendly error messages are introduced. The job aid describes these new error messages, and the situations in which you may receive these messages.
  • A new query is available to see transactions loaded successfully to SMART with the new INF50 Excel Voucher Spreadsheet.

Please do not open additional fields on this spreadsheet. Only spreadsheets using the fields on the Master spreadsheet you receive from the SMART Service Desk will be supported in the event your transactions will not upload.

If there are additional questions, or as issues are encountered when using the new INF50 Excel Voucher Spreadsheet, please log a Service Desk ticket following the instructions in the new job aid referenced above.

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