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Users are encouraged to utilize the Tiles in SMART

October 3, 2019

Users are encouraged to utilize the Module Tiles in SMART.

The Tiles were designed to group agency functions together by module allowing the user fewer clicks and more intuitive navigation to complete a task.  

Fluid Module Tiles replace the Classic navigation menu that used to appear on the left side of the screen.  Each Module, or functional area, in SMART can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top of the SMART Homepage. 
For example, on the Accounts Receivable Homepage, the tiles are arranged similarly to the Classic navigation path.  Among other tasks, the user can create a pending item (Pending Items tile), enter a deposit (Payments tile) and complete an interfund (Interfunds tile) all with fewer “clicks”: 

All pages accessed via Module Tiles are the same pages found under the NavBar > Navigator and can be used by agencies.

The NavBar > Navigator menu can still be used to access less frequently used pages, which may not be included on a Module Tile homepage.

See the Fluid Training Materials on SMART Web for more detailed information regarding the new Fluid User Interface and Homepage Guides for each SMART module.

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