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Staples SHIP TO locations

March 25, 2021

Reminder: SHIP TO and/or BILL TO address changes cannot be made on Staples Advantage website purchase orders.

If an agency makes an address change in SMART on a purchase order, the information does not transfer correctly to Staples and shipments and/or statements are sent to the wrong locations.  Agencies may make one-time address changes on all other supplier purchase orders. 


The “Using the KS_PO_SHIPTO_ADDRESSES Query” job aid provides instructions for users to find their agency’s most current and active SHIP TO addresses, https://www.smartweb.ks.gov/training/purchasing#Procurement_Queries.  If an address needs to be updated or added to SMART, complete one of the Ship To Bill To Changes or Ship To Bill To New forms attached to the original blast and submit the form via a ManageEngine service desk ticket.

The SMART Team

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