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SMART Unavailable Dates for Calendar Year 2021

February 2, 2021

SMART is generally available to users as follows:


Day Open Time Closing Time
Sunday 1 pm 12 am
Monday 12 am 7 pm
Tuesday 6 am 7 pm
Wednesday 6 am 7 pm
Thursday 6 am 7 pm
Friday 6 am 7 pm
Saturday 6 am 6 pm

The days on the 3 lists below are exceptions where the system may not be available to users.

System Maintenance
The dates listed below are maintenance days where the system may not be available at the normal time on Sunday.   The maintenance window begins Saturday evenings at 6 pm and ends Sunday evenings by 6 pm.  The system will open at 1 pm if maintenance is complete, or immediately following the completion of the maintenance if after 1 pm.

January 23
February 20
March 20
April 24
May 22
June 26
July 24
August 21
September 25
October 23
November 20
December 18

System Upgrade
The system will be unavailable to end users due to a system upgrade that is scheduled during the spring of 2021. A specific date will be announced with as much lead time as possible.   

Fiscal Year End
The dates listed below are days the system will not be available to end users due to fiscal year end processing:
Monday, June 28
Tuesday, June 29
Wednesday, June 30
Thursday, July 8, unavailable 7 am – noon*
*Available after year end closing is complete.  A SMART announcement will be sent when the system is opened for users.


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