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SMART International Address Validation not working

March 25, 2021

We are experiencing technical difficulties with the SMART international address validation process.

We have contacted our third-party software provider for assistance in resolving this error.

Until this issue is corrected, you may continue to add international addresses following these steps:

If you do not use these steps to apply the override before adding address information, then you will likely receive the error message ‘Unhandled Error Code’, and to leave the entry screen the user will be required to exit SMART and signon again.

Address validation for United States addresses is not affected by this issue, and they continue to be validated as entered in SMART.

We will notify you when this issue is resolved, and international address validation is again working correctly in SMART.

  1. Select the Country for the address you intend to enter. 
  2. Check ‘Override Address Verification’.  This must be done prior to entering any other address information.
  3. Enter address information.  You will see a ‘.’ both before and after the Address 1 data.
  4. Continue adding appropriate information on the other tabs and click save.

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