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SMART Archive & Purge of FY2013 Data

November 4, 2022

SMART will be executing the processes to archive and purge FY2013 data from the system across 3 weekends in November and December. Agency users will not have access to SMART from 7pm on Friday until 6am on Monday the following weekends while the archive processes are being run:

November 24th – 27th  

December 3rd – 4th

December 10th – 11th

As a reminder, the archive and purge process will remove FY2013 transaction data from SMART. The only exceptions are for transactions that are still open or Project Costing transactions, which will be “compressed” to display at a summarized level for FY2013 for closed projects. Click here for more information about Project Compression.

The SMART Team plans to create a full INF01 (Outbound Supplier Interface File), which will contain all suppliers in the file after archive. In addition to the INF01, the SMART Team can also provide an Excel spreadsheet that lists the supplier numbers which were removed from the supplier tables. Additional details will be sent directly to the agencies that receive this file no later than November 18, 2022.

Any agency needing to retain data from FY2013 will need to run queries and reports before November 24th and save that data at the agency. The purge also includes system attachments tied to the FY2013 transactions selected for archiving. SMART is not intended to be a repository for documents or historical data.

Finally, any bond-related transaction data should be retained by agencies to meet bond reporting requirements with the Kansas Development Finance Authority.

If there are any questions, please open a Kansas Service Desk request and put ‘Archive and Purge’ in the Subject.

Thank you,

The SMART Team

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