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Reporting to the US Treasury for expenditures from the Coronavirus Relief Fund

July 10, 2020

On July 2nd, the U.S. Treasury released a memorandum regarding reporting for the coronavirus relief funds (CRF) received by States under the CARES Act.

The memorandum included reporting requirements and timelines as well as an interim reporting spreadsheet to be completed by prime recipients of the funds. The State of Kansas is the prime recipient of the funds.

The Office of Accounts and Reports along with the SPARK Task Force (who is responsible for the statewide distribution of the CARES Act funding) are working on the interim spreadsheet to complete on behalf of all agencies based on what was reimbursed for FY 2020 from Fund 3753 – Coronavirus Relief Fund.  

Additional guidance will be coming soon from The Office of Recovery for ongoing reporting and requesting of both reimbursements and supplemental aid.

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