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Project Compression Update

November 9, 2020

Project Compression initially occurred as a part of the annual SMART archive in August 2020.

However, compressed project data was rolled back after an issue was discovered with processing purchase order adjustments. Although functionality allowed selection by transaction date, it was determined that using these criteria caused the issue. Consequently, the parameters for identifying project data to be compressed has been updated to use the project status in combination with the date of the last activity on the project.

A project will be compressed if it meets the following criteria:

  • Project Status is CLOSED
  • Project Status has remained CLOSED with no transactional activity for 7 full fiscal years

Project data will still be summarized by the same fields originally communicated to agencies:

  • Data Rollup of Accounting Date/Transaction Date
  • Business Unit
  • Project
  • Activity
  • Analysis Type
  • GL Business Unit
  • Fund Code
  • Budget Unit
  • Program Code
  • Contract ID
  • Purchase Order ID
  • Supplier ID

Given the change in compression eligibility criteria, the need for agencies to close projects with no activity in the past 7 years is vital. Central staff will be working with agencies in the coming months to close projects eligible for compression. Once cleanup has been completed, a query will be made available to identify projects meeting the criteria for closure. The query should be run each month as part of the agency month end checklist activities.

Another announcement will be sent when a firm date for running the Project Compression process has been identified.

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