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Printing Issues in SMART

May 3, 2019

The SMART Team is aware that several users are having issues printing from Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers.

We are working to address this issue. The current workaround for these 2 browsers is to either:

  • Navigate to the desired page using the NavBar in the upper-right corner, or
  • Use Snipping Tool to take a screenshot of the page and either print from the Snipping Tool or copy/paste to Word

Different browsers render SMART pages differently for printing. The attached document provides instructions for updating printer settings to get the best results in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These 2 browsers appear to function correctly for printing. Larger pages may require some adjustments to page scaling, margins, etc.

Another blast will be sent when more information is available for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Tips for Resolving Issues Printing from SMART

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