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Print Solution for Internet Explorer

May 3, 2019

A solution has been found for the printing issue users have been experiencing in the Internet Explorer browser.

Please follow the steps below when printing from IE:

  1. Collapse the left-hand menu to maximize the page displayed by clicking the || icon
  2. Right click on the page and choose “Select all” from the menu
  3. This will highlight all text and fields on the displayed page. Then, go to File > Print Preview…
  4. In the Print Preview screen, confirm that the right drop-down selection is set to ‘Shrink to Fit’. Then, change the middle drop-down selection to ‘As selected on screen’. This should adjust the page so all fields will be within the printable area.

Other print settings, such as ‘Landscape’ layout, etc. may also need to be selected, depending on the page.

The ‘Tips for Resolving Issues Printing from SMART’ document that was distributed last week has been updated to include Internet Explorer instructions and has been uploaded to SMARTWeb at this location: https://smartweb.ks.gov/technical-resources/compatibility

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