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New DA-130 Form and Procedures

September 11, 2023

A new version of the DA-130 form has been created and will be accessed via a link in SMART. Users can find the link under the new DA-130 tile on the main SMART homepage. This new version of the form takes advantage of DocuSign electronic signatures for added security and quicker agency turnaround time. SMART training materials to assist with using the new electronic form can be found on SMART Web under Accounts Payable – Suppliers: https://smartweb.ks.gov/training/accounts-payable

Agency staff who have the Agency Vendor Processor role will see the new tile on the SMART homepage by tomorrow September 12th, 2023. Agency staff without the Agency Vendor Processor role who need to access the DA-130 should request the new Agency DA-130 Processor role through their agency SMART Security Contact. The SMART Security Access Form has been updated to include this new role in the Accounts Payable – Agency Roles section.

The SMART supplier team will accept paper DA-130 forms until September 29, 2023. Beginning Monday October 2, 2023, only the new DocuSign forms will be processed.

Thank you, The SMART Team

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