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Important SMART System Announcements

July 3, 2023

  1. HAPPY NEW FISCAL YEAR! The month of June 2023 (Period 12, FY 2023) has closed for GL, EX, AP & AM modules and the month of July 2023 (Period 1, FY 2024) has opened for all modules.  AR, BI and PC will remain open for June 2023 (Period 12, FY 2023) through Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

  2. All FY 2023 Deposits in transit and Deposit Adjustments must be entered  and agency approved by 3:00 PM on July 5, 2023. The following guidelines must be followed:

    1. The accounting date of 6/30/2023 must be entered on the Totals tab and on the Payments tab for each deposit line.

    2. Deposits in transit and Deposit Adjustment transactions cannot contain expenditure account codes.

    3. The 3:00 PM deadline is required to allow Audit Services time to submit final approval before the 3:30 PM AR Budget Check process. Contact the Audit Team at ARPreaudit@ks.gov if you have any questions regarding this deadline.

    4. Any FY 2023 Deposit or Deposit Adjustment not agency approved by 3:00 PM on Wednesday, July 5, 2022 will be deleted by the SMART Team.

    5. As a reminder, Deposits and Deposit Adjustments processed on July 2nd through July 5th, 2023 will impact the SMART General Ledger for FY 2024

The SMART Team reminds users to update the filters in the My Works section of the GL WorkCenter for Fiscal Year 2024.  Please see the attached Job Aid on “How to Update WorkCenter filters”.

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