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Chrome 80 & Staples Requisitions

March 3, 2020

After Sunday February 16, 2020, Chrome SHOULD NOT BE USED when creating a Staples punchout requisition.

Google Chrome is rolling out an update on Monday February 17, 2020 called Chrome 80. Included is an update to their cookie policy which will makes using Chrome to create Staples punchout requisitions extremely problematic. Reportedly, when using Chrome 80 Staples would be unreachable or, if it allows you in, items will disappear from the cart and your login session will be lost when trying pull items back to the requisition. 

Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer can still be used to create Staples punchout requisitions.

The SMART Team is working with our software provider to find a permanent resolution to this issue and another message will be sent when it is resolved.

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