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Chartfield Changes to POs not Saving

October 3, 2019

SMART is currently experiencing an issue that prevents the saving of chartfield changes on certain PO Distribution Lines.

This is not occurring on all Distribution Lines and seems to only occur when changes are attempted on the last line of multiple distribution lines.

We are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, the following steps provide for a workaround.

  • Step 1: Add a distribution line by selecting the ‘+’ to the far right on the ‘Distributions for Schedule #’ page: 
  • Step 2: Select ‘View All’ to see all the Distribution Lines:
  • Step 3: Chartfield changes can now be saved as usual to the line, and the newly inserted line may now be deleted. 

Thank you for your patience. An update will be provided once this issue is resolved.

The SMART Team

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