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Change when Adding New Suppliers

March 7, 2019

Effective Friday 1/18/2019, any new supplier created in SMART, either online or interfaced, will be checked against the bidder table and blocked from creation if the entity already exists as a bidder, based on the TIN.

Online, a user will receive an error.
An Interface user will receive an error in the .ERR file loaded on the mainframe after the INF04 is processed during SMART nightly batch.

As directed, please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk request using the ‘SMART Suppliers’ category and ‘Convert Bidder to Supplier’ sub category. Agencies will need to provide a W-9, a DA-130 (if ACH payment method is required) and additional address information to be entered in SMART, if applicable.

The central Supplier Maintenance Team will convert the bidder to a supplier and provide the Supplier ID to the requesting agency via ManageEngine. 

If you have questions, please submit them thru Service Desk.

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