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AT and T transition to ACH

July 1, 2019

As a part of the ongoing ACH initiative, AT and T will be accepting electronic payments from the State of Kansas beginning July 1, 2019.

The SMART Supplier Maintenance Team will update Location 001 on AT&T supplier records from ‘SYSTEM CHECK’ to ‘ACH’ while users are locked out of the system on June 29, 2019. Any new vouchers created after this point will reflect the updated payment method.

The Supplier IDs impacted by this change are:

XXXXXX6465 – AT&T Corp
XXXXXX8973 – AT&T Datacom Inc
XXXXXX4964 – AT&T Mobility II LLC
XXXXXX9499 – AT&T National Compliance Center

AT&T will utilize the Invoice No field from the SMART voucher to correctly identify the account to which the payment shall be applied. In order for an account to be properly matched to a payment, agencies must use the format exactly as described. Enter the full account number as it appears on the AT&T billing statement with no spaces, no dashes or other punctuation into the Invoice No field on the SMART voucher. Additional information may be included in the Invoice No field by placing an “X” after the account number and putting any other data after the “X” (up to 30 total characters). The recommended alternative to including additional information to the Invoice No field would be to use the Payment Message field on the SMART voucher (up to 70 total characters).

If your agency has any questions about which field is the actual account number on an AT&T statement, please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket along with a scanned copy of the first page of the statement.

Neglecting to use the exact format as described for the Invoice No field will prevent payments from being applied. Payment processing errors will be returned to SMART staff and then routed to agencies via ManageEngine Service Desk tickets. Agencies will be responsible for error resolution.

Agencies should start using this new invoice number format on AT&T vouchers immediately to assist with the transition.

If there are any questions concerning this new process, please open a ManageEngine Service Desk request.

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