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Assigning Priorities to Requests in ManageEngine

April 13, 2020

Greetings ManageEngine Requesters,

Of late, there have been questions regarding the "Priority" field on ManageEngine requests.  This is a reminder as to how the Priority field is to be determined and how it will be handled by Department of Administration.

The Priority field was added to ManageEngine two years ago.  Prior to that time, the Kansas Service Desk assigned the priority based on the description in the request.  It was decided that the agencies should be able to assess the priority of their own requests and thus, we made the field available to agency Requesters.  Here are the number of days in which a resolution is needed for the priority assigned:

Emergency = Current Day
High             = 2 Days
Medium      = 5 Days
Low              = 10 Days

The default priority for ManageEngine tickets is "Medium", meaning a resolution will be provided within 5 days. While a resolution may take up to 5 days, most Medium priority requests will continue to be resolved within a day or two.

When a "High" or "Emergency" priority truly exists, the ManageEngine request MUST include an explanation of the reason for the chosen priority.  Any ManageEngine ticket with a priority of High or Emergency where an explanation of the urgency is not provided will be changed from High or Emergency back to Medium.  We are happy to provide immediate service for requests in which the High or Emergency status is assigned.  We simply need a reason for moving your request to the top of the list.  We understand that emergencies do occur, but the High or Emergency priority should be the exception, not the rule.

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