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Agency Reminders to Prevent Fraud in SHARP & SMART

November 27, 2023

As a reminder, agency staff who work with bank account change requests for suppliers or state employees should be diligent in following the established procedures for validating requests for bank account changes.  Employees who serve in a backup role for this duty must also be fully trained in the required controls, policies, and procedures for ensuring the accuracy of the data related to bank accounts in SHARP/SMART.  These controls are in place to reduce the risk of fraudulent payments and agency staff play a critical role in defending the State of Kansas against fraud. 

The DA-130 DocuSign Job Aid provides specific verification instructions to agency staff who enter supplier banking information into SMART.

Agencies should also report any suspected fraud attempts impacting SHARP or SMART data via the fraud reporting tiles located on the homepage of each system.

Please ensure that all staff in your agency who work with payments and bank account updates receive this reminder. 

Thank you for your assistance!

The Office of Accounts and Reports

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