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State P-Card Issues

March 31, 2023

Per communication on March 31, 2023 from Sec. of Administration Adam Proffitt to Non-Cabinet and Cabinet Agencies:

The state’s P-Card vendor, UMB Bank, transitioned to a new processing agent last Friday, March 24th.  Since that time, the Department of Administration has become aware of an increased number of issues with the functionality of the P-Cards.  In some instances, this has led to state staff having their P-Cards declined at the point of sale.  We have been in constant communication with UMB Bank to remedy these issues so that staff can use their P-Cards for normal approved purposes.


This morning, I had a call with UMB’s project leadership team to ensure they immediately restore full functionality to our users.  Coming out of this call, they have proposed a two-step fix.  The first step will be a temporary back-end change by UMB, and this change should go unnoticed by all P-Card users.  This temporary solution should be deployed today, and they are committing to us that it will allow employees to use their cards as normal.  Over the next week, UMB will work to create and implement the permanent solution; we will provide an update to the teams once this solution is developed and ready to be deployed.


Though we have been assured by UMB that today’s temporary solution should make P-Card transactions fully available to all employees again, I would ask that if anybody encounters any transactional issues, please contact Todd Herman, Director of Purchases and Contracts todd.herman@ks.gov or Cell # 785-221-5252.  Todd and his team will serve as the central point of contact for the state in all communication with UMB.  We have been assured that UMB staff will be able to take phone calls and triage unforeseen issues over the weekend, should the need arise.


I apologize for any disruption that this has caused your agency.  Please know that my staff and I are fully committed to ensuring this issue is remedied as quickly as possible so that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service.

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