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Security Form Revision & Buyer Proxy Access

July 11, 2023

Published today on the SMART Web is the “SMART Security Access Form Revised 7-10-2023” This form should be downloaded and used by agencies effective immediately.

A change has been made to the Kansas Buyer section that identifies proxies. Instead of requesting what Buyers can make changes on behalf of the person identified on the security form, now agencies are asked to provide the list of Buyers the person on the security form with the Kansas Buyer role can make changes for.

For example, if Tom Agency should be able to make changes to Purchase Orders (POs) where Jane Doe and John Doe are Buyers, one form for Tom Agency would be submitted to list Jane Doe (DA00JWD) and John Does (DA00JYD) as Buyers Tom can make changes for.

In association with the form change, a security change has been made that may require specific Buyers be identified.

If an agency Buyer is no longer able to make changes to PO’s with another Buyer and need to be able to do so, please submit a “SMART Security Access Form Revised 7-10-2023” with the Kansas Buyer section shown above completed for all Buyers they should be able to make changes for.

Thank you,

   The SMART Team

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