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RESOLVED: SMART Users Unable to Log Into SMART

January 31, 2023

SMART user access has been restored and users are now able to login to the system.

Upon initial login, users will be required to re-enter their email address by clicking on the My System Profile tile:

Enter your valid work email and click ‘Save’ to restore normal SMART access:

The system issues primarily impacted user access rather than actual system data. The few exceptions are noted below along with the items users need to be aware of:

SMART Payments:

Paycycles yesterday, January 30, 2023, ran successfully and the payment files were transmitted to the bank. If users have concerns regarding a specific payment, please notify the SMART Team by opening a Kansas Service Desk ticket.

SMART Queries:

Users may need to re-run any scheduled queries from today that are not accessible through the Process Monitor.

Contact Information (impacts Purchase Order dispatch):

Fax Number, Phone Number and Supplier Email data was impacted by the system issue and is in the process of being restored. This will take some time and users should be aware that the information currently displaying in the system may not be complete. Another announcement will be sent when this information has been re-established. Until this announcement goes out, the Email Override feature should be used for any Purchase Orders dispatching via Email to ensure they are received by the intended recipients.

Kansas eSupplier Portal:

Kansas eSupplier users will have their access to the portal restored shortly.

Please note that system response times may be slower than normal as processing catches up. If there are any additional concerns, please reach out via the Kansas Service Desk. We appreciate everyone’s patience while the remaining issues are being resolved.

Thank you,

The SMART Team

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