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P-Card Transactions Not Building to Voucher

March 30, 2023

State of Kansas has not received a VISA file from UMB since Thursday, March 23, 2023. The SMART Team is continuing working with UMB to resolve this.

PCard transaction budget checking occurs as part of the job that processes the VISA file. Since there has been no VISA file received this week, the PCard budget check has not been triggered during batch processing.

Today, March 30th, PCard transactions were staged to build vouchers; however, some transactions did not move forward to create a voucher because, while the PCard transaction was approved, it may not have been budget checked yet.

The job to budget check PCard transactions was initiated manually at noon today. If SMART continues to not receive files from UMB, a manual budget check instance will be run before subsequent PCard voucher builds until normal functionality returns.

Thank you,
 The SMART Team

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