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New INF02 Inbound Voucher Interface file layout

October 31, 2023

The SMART Team sent an email to all agencies who submit vouchers to SMART using the INF02, Inbound voucher Interface file.  The email requests that all agencies ensure they are using the new WTHD_CD field on the file layout to more precisely record withholding in SMART on these vouchers by June 30, 2024.  This communication was directed to agency accounts payable representatives and technical contacts who work with the SMART Team on INF02 voucher issues. 

The email included a description of why the change is needed, information on testing revised files, an updated INF02 file layout, and where to find the current list of withholding codes to be used in this field.

If you believe your agency should have received this information and cannot identify who received this on behalf of your agency, please log a Kansas Service Desk Ticket with Category ‘Accounts Payable’ and Sub-Category ‘Interface Testing’ and someone from the SMART Team will confirm to whom the information was sent.

Thank You,
   The SMART Team

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