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Old Supplier IDs associated to Black Hills Energy & OneOK Discontinued after FY 2024

April 30, 2024

The SMART Team has confirmed that the Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) associated to the following SMART Supplier IDs are no longer valid.  Agencies should discontinue using the ‘Old Supplier ID’ shown below in SMART after the close FY 2024. 


All new Purchase Orders (POs) for FY 2025 and future fiscal years should use the value listed in the ‘Correct Supplier ID’ column above.

Agencies can use the KS_PO_UTILITY_SUPPLIERS_OLDTIN query to find POs which currently have balances for the ‘Old Supplier ID’. 

Agencies should enter new POs with the Correct Supplier IDs following the instructions below:

  1. To capture any FY2024 funding needed after the end of the fiscal year, create a PO now with the Correct Supplier ID.
  2. For any fiscal year prior to FY2024 where balances remain and payment still needs to be made to Black Hills Energy or OneOK (now One Gas Inc), create a PO with the Correct Supplier ID, use the same funding as the old PO and enter a Kansas Service Desk Request identifying the old PO number and asking for a Budget Date Change on the new PO.

The PO Close process will continue to close any POs that meet the established criteria for closure.

Any questions on this process should be submitted on a Kansas Service Desk ticket.

Thank you,

The SMART Team

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