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Inactivating SMART Buyer & Requester Records

December 19, 2023

This information is intended to provide agencies with resources to make the Purchase Order (PO) Buyer and Requisition (Req) Requester changes needed to support the Office of Procurement and Contracts - Informational Circular 24-01. It is recommended that agencies make any necessary security changes to Buyers and Requesters before an employee leaves the agency and complete the cleanup of any old records before February 1st, 2024.

SMART terminology reminders:

Buyers are the responsible parties associated with a PO and should be available as a contact for questions related to the PO.

Requesters are associated to reqs as the requesting party and are used to populate the default Ship-To address, chartfield funding, and first agency approver on the transaction.

Requisitioners are individuals who create the reqs, and their setup is used to default the Buyer on the subsequent PO.

For Buyer Records:

Query KS_PO_ACTIVE_PO_BUYER_STATUS will allow agencies to see the Buyer and Buyer Status of either ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ on any PO that has not been Completed, Canceled, or Closed.

  • This can assist agencies in identifying POs that will be impacted when a Buyer leaves the agency or POs that have already been impacted by a Buyer record being inactivated.

Please submit a Kansas Service Desk ticket using the Security category to request a Buyer Mass Change for any Buyer record that will be or has been inactivated and provide the Buyer to whom the POs should be reassigned.

If an employee deactivation is required, please use the ‘Additional Notes/Roles Requested Not On This Form:’ field on the SMART Security Form to request the Buyer Mass Change and provide the name and User ID to whom the POs should be reassigned and attach it to the Kansas Service Desk using the ‘Security’ Category.

If the employee deactivation has already occurred, please provide the name and User ID of the Buyer that has left the agency and the name and User ID of the Buyer to whom the POs should be reassigned in the Kansas Service Desk ticket using the ‘Security’ Category.

  • The Buyer Mass Change process will create a Change Order in Approved status for all POs being reassigned, which will systematically require them to be dispatched again. Agencies will need to do the following:
    • Change the PO to a Dispatch Method of ‘Print’ on the Change Order, or
    • Add an agency email to the ‘Email Override’ functionality if using the ‘Email’ Dispatch Method
  • This process will also update the Buyer used in the Requisitioner defaults setup.

Warning: Because the Buyer Mass Change process creates the PO Change Orders in an Approved status, any POs to Grainger, Fastenal, or Staples will need to follow special instructions. Change Orders to these 3 suppliers need to be manually created by the agency and either the Dispatch Method must be updated to ‘Print’ or the agency email must be added to the ‘Email Override’ functionality before submitting the request to the SMART Security Team to prevent duplicate orders from being sent to the supplier.

For Requester Records:

Query KS_PO_REQ_DEFAULT_FUNDING will allow agencies to see the chartfield funding associated to any active Requester for an agency.

  • This can assist agencies in identifying any active Requesters who need funding updates.

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