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Updates to Supplier ACH Information Due to Recent Bank Failures

March 22, 2023

As a precaution, the SMART Team has inactivated supplier ACH information linked to the 3 financial institutions that failed on March 10, 2023.  A letter is being sent to each supplier that has received a payment from the State of Kansas in the past 6 months.

Three options have been given to the suppliers:

  1. If the supplier takes no action, payments from State of Kansas will no longer be paid by ACH to any of the 3 failed financial institutions.  Payments will go to another ACH location, if there is one, or by paper check.
  2. The supplier can contact the paying agency to submit a new direct deposit form to direct payments to a new account with a different financial institution.
  3. The supplier can contact the paying agency to request that the ACH information directed to the failed bank be re-activated, but this is not advised.  If this is the case, the supplier needs to include a new letter from the bank confirming the routing and account number to be used.

Thank you,
   The SMART Team

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