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Customer Contracts - Job Aids

Job Aids: Documents that contain step-by-step instructions and/or information regarding specific task(s) in SMART.  Job Aids are primarily used as trouble shooting and issue resolution devices.

  • Federal Draw Down Process Job Aid
    This job aid provides an end-to-end guide for how to manage Federal draw downs for grant-funded projects.
    DOCX, 1.72 MB

  • How to Create a Customer Contract
    This job aid provides step-by-step instructions for entering a new customer contract.
    DOCX, 1.34 MB

  • Modify Sold to Customer
    This job aid provides assistance with modifying the Sold To Customer, while the contract is still in pending status.
    DOCX, 539.57 KB

  • Increasing the Billing Limit on an As Incurred Contract
    This job aid explains how to increase your contract billing limit to accommodate billable project costs that exceed the original limit (OLT rows in Project Costing). If new project transactions are not hitting the billing worksheet, this may be the cause.
    DOCX, 822.70 KB

  • Contracts Workbench
    The Contracts Workbench is located in the Customer Contracts, Grants, and Project Costing modules. The Workbench is a central source of information that links information from each of the modules and it is useful in reviewing information quickly and providing quick access through the hyperlinks.
    DOCX, 760.58 KB

  • Billing Manager Dashboard
    The Billing Manager Dashboard provides three pivot grids useful in obtaining a visual overview of Invoice Analysis by Month, Bills by Status, and Incomplete Invoice Process.
    DOCX, 484.55 KB

  • Amendments Statuses
    This list provides a description of each Amendment Status.
    PDF, 257.56 KB

  • Product Listing
    This list includes the description, price type, billing plan template, bill plan detail template and revenue plan template defaulted for each Product ID.
    PDF, 103.98 KB