Data Security and Protection

The sharing of login credentials to SMART is a violation of State and Federal policies and regulations.  The State of Kansas Information Technology Council policy #7230A addresses this practice.

  • “Passwords are to be individually owned and kept confidential - they are not to be shared.”

  • The “Log In” page for the SMART Application states that the user is responsible for ensuring the security of the information in the SMART System and failure to comply with these policies may result in disciplinary actions.

  • Should an audit reveal that a user has logged in and performed transactions as another user it could affect funding and continuation of programs.

  • Disciplinary actions would apply to both the person using another person’s credentials and also to the person that provided their credentials to someone else.

It is important to remember that while we, together, try to provide the best possible service we need to do so in a proven secure manner that doesn’t present undue risk.  Should an agency have a problem with approvals or data entry due to a shortage of personnel, assistance may be requested from the Department of Administration Service Center.