Checklist 1 - Cannot pull PO into Voucher

This page contains a list of foundation information, tools, and scenarios to assist you in resolving this issue.
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Foundation Information

  • It is important to understand that a Purchase Order (PO) must be:

    Approved   →   ‘Valid’ Budget Status   →   ‘Dispatched’ PO Status

    BEFORE it can be pulled in to a voucher.

  • At the Header Level of the PO:  If the ‘Hold from further processing’ check box is selected, the PO can NOT be pulled in to the voucher.

  • If ‘Receiving is Required’ for the PO line, then a receipt must also be created BEFORE the PO can be pulled in to the voucher. 

  • Use the Purchase Order Inquiry page (PO Tool 2) to view the statuses of a purchase order in SMART.
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Scenarios and Solutions