Commitment Control - KK


This page contains the SMART training materials associated with the Commitment Control (KK) module in SMART.  The SMART KK training materials are organized into the following sections:

   Creating New Budget Journals
Working With Existing KK Journals
 KK Queries
   KK Reports
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Creating New Budget Journals

This 'Creating New GL Journals' section contains training materials for:

  • New User Training for SMART's Commitment Control module (Training Guides)
  • Training materials associated with entering, editing, and posting new budget journals into SMART.
  • Adding an Attachment to a Budget Journal
    Explains how to add attachments to a budget journal to store reference information, etc.
    DOC, 656.00 KB

  • Budget Journal Entry Overview Training Guide
    Contains key terms and concepts, a high level explanation of the end-to-end budget journal process, an overview of budget journal security roles and a list of the SMART budget ledgers.
    DOCX, 929.99 KB

  • Creating a Budget Journal Entry Training Guide
    Covers understanding budget journal and budget transfer types, steps for creating a new budget journal entry, budget transfers and how to copy a budget journal.
    DOCX, 1.54 MB

  • GL Encumbrances Job Aid
    General Ledger (GL) Encumbrance Journals (non-supplier specific encumbrances) obligate budget at fiscal year-end. This job aid provides the steps in the GL encumbrance process.
    DOCX, 1.02 MB

  • Importing Spreadsheet Journals in SMART
    The training guide explains budget spreadsheet journal uploads, lists the requirements for importing budget spreadsheet journals into SMART and demonstrates the steps to successfully import a budget spreadsheet journal.
    DOCX, 1.13 MB

Working With Existing KK Journals

‚ÄčThis 'Working With Existing Budget Journals' section contains training information that pertains to working with existing Budget journals in SMART, such as:

  • Editing journals
  • Issue (error) resolution and troubleshooting


KK Queries

This 'Configurations' section contains:
  • Commitment Control configuration information which provides agencies reference material and definitions
This 'KK Queries' section contains:
  • Training materials pertaining to the different Commitment Control queries available in SMART.  Each query listed below contains a tile of the query and a brief summary that describes the query and its function.

KK Reports

This 'KK Reports' section contains training materials pertaining to the different Commitment Control reports that are available in SMART.  Each report listed below contains a title of the report and a brief summary that describes the report and its function.
  • Budget vs. Actuals Reporting 11-14-12
    Provides transaction examples and how the General Ledger ACTUALS ledger and the Commitment Control Ledgers are impacted.
    XLS, 38.00 KB

  • Budget Status Report (GLS8020)
    Displays all Commitment Control ledger amounts and the available balance for the budgets selected.
    DOCX, 584.51 KB

  • Using the KK Ledger Details Report
    This report displays the selected ChartFields and the balances in each of the budget ledgers. This report contains the same information as the Budget Status Report (GLS8020) but in a different format.
    DOC, 621.00 KB

  • Using the Cash Control Report
    This report provides the Cash Control Balances by a specific time period: prior month, prior year, current month, or current year.
    DOC, 601.50 KB

  • Using the Current Obligations Report
    This report provides a listing of all encumbrances from Purchase Orders and Travel Authorizations and pre-encumbrances from Requisitions (for pre-encumbering agencies only) that have a remaining balance that is not equal to zero.
    DOC, 891.50 KB