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Use the Purchase Order Inquiry page to view the details of a purchase order, including PO Line details, Schedule (delivery information), ChartField information, Asset Management information, and Requisition information.  Anyone with the 'Agency Purchasing Viewer' role can access this page and view the information on it.
Step 1:
Navigate to the Purchase Order Inquiry page:
Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Review PO Information > Purchase Orders > Purchase Order Inquiry

Step 2:
Enter the search criteria and click the Search button

Step 3:
Select the desired result to open the Purchase Order Inquiry – Purchase Order page:
Graphic image of the Purchase Order Inquiry page in SMART
  • PO Status = Displays the current status of the PO in SMART:  

    -  Approved – The Buyer has Approved the PO.  It is now ready to be budget checked in the hourly
       batch process.

    -  Cancelled – The PO has been Cancelled.  The cancellation of a PO can NOT be reversed in
       SMART.   The cancellation of a PO liquidates the encumbered monies and returns them back to
       the budget period of the PO.

    -  Closed – The PO has been Closed.  The closing of a PO liquidates any remaining encumbered
       monies, and returns them back to the budget.  The closing of a PO can be performed by the
       Agency Buying Administrator or by Central Processing.

    -  Dispatched – The PO has been dispatched (sent) to the vendor.

    -  On Hold – The ‘Hold From Further Processing’ checkbox has been selected on the PO.
       This prevents the PO from progressing any further in SMART.   (ie: The PO will not continue
       forward through any batch processes until this checkbox is deselected).

    -  Open – The PO has been created by the Auto Sourcing hourly batch process.  This batch
       process creates PO’s in the Purchasing module of SMART from Approved, Valid budget checked
       Requisitions {which are created and stored in the e-Procurement module of SMART}.  The PO is
       now ready to be reviewed, edited (if necessary), and Approved by the Buyer.