Completed Phases

Deployment and Go-Live Planning - October 2015

October has been a busy month with the SMART Upgrade Team preparing to deploy the new 9.2 SMART system to users on November 13th. Training documents are being prepared and published to SMART Weband new UPKs (computer simulation training) are being built and will be accessible via the 'Help' link within SMART 9.2. 

The existing SMART system will be unavailable starting 6 p.m. Thursday November 5th. Over the next week, the system will be upgraded and the new 9.2 version will come up at 7 a.m. Friday November 13th. Details regarding agency preparation for this cutover period can be found Informational Circular 16-A-009 on the Department of Administration's website. 

System and Integration Testing - July 2015

The summer found the SMART Upgrade Team beginning to test the 9.2 system designed during the earlier phases of the FOCUS Project. State of Kansas customizations and configuration were re-applied to the upgraded testing environment and test scripts were executed to confirm that the business processes, interfaces and reports all function as expected. 

The team also conducted User Acceptance Testing, where a sub-set of agency users were invited to "try out" the new 9.2 environment before it go-live. Instruction was provided for testing new functionality and much helpful feedback was gathered. Thank you to all who participated!

ANALYZE and DESIGN - February 2015

After completing the Plan and Discover phase of the FOCUS Project, the SMART Team was immersed in the Analyze and Design Phase.  Configuration of WorkCenters was part of this process and many agencies were contacted via various tasks.  As stated before, agency input is greatly appreciated!  As the SMART Team reached out to the agencies, your assistance and cooperation during your busy time of the year was sincerely appreciated! 

Phase I PLAN and DISCOVER - January 2015


During the month of January, several meetings are being held to discuss the functional differences between our current SMART environment and the new upgrade environment. The purpose for these meetings is to give some agency invitees the opportunity to view the new environment and its new functionality, as well as discuss agencies' business needs and identify if the upgrade will meet or exceed those needs. It is likely that some needs identified during Fit Gap may be outside of the scope of the upgrade project and will be documented for consideration as a post go-live enhancement.  While it is important that we attempted to involve a variety of agencies in the Fit/Gap process, timeframes for sessions are aggressive and meeting room capacity will be very limited. For these reasons, participation is by invitation only. 

Please keep in mind that the purpose of the upgrade is to transition SMART from PeopleSoft Financials version 9.0 to version 9.2, while retiring as many customizations as is reasonable. New enhancements are not part of the upgrade.

The presentations from those meetings are accessible by the button below.  While viewing the presentations, you will not have access to the new environments that were shown during the actual presentations, but you will discover some of the differences from the current 9.0 environment and the new 9.2 environment.  Depending on the decisions made, based on information gathered from the Fit Gap sessions, some new functionality may or may not meet the State's requirements, and may not be utilized by the State of Kansas.  If you have questions concerning the presentations, please contact your Agency Coordinator before submitting any questions to SMART Web.  As sessions complete, the presentations for each subject area/module will be added.