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Westar and KCPL are now Evergy – Supplier Names and Addresses have been updated in SMART

January 3, 2020

As noted in our October 11, 2019 SMART InfoBlast, Westar Energy and KCPL have merged and the new entity is now Evergy.

Updates have been made to the supplier records for both entities:

XXXXXX6012 – Westar Energy - Evergy Kansas Central Inc
XXXXXX8617 – KCPL - Evergy Metro Inc

Supplier names have been updated, including Payment/Alternate names as directed by Evergy.  Several addresses for each supplier have been made inactive.

Agencies should review Purchase Orders for these entities and process change orders on POs to reflect any revised addresses.

To encourage agencies to make all payments to these suppliers as ACH, we have set the default location to ACH:

XXXXXX6012 – Evergy Kansas Central Inc – default location is 001
XXXXXX8617 – Evergy Metro Inc – default location is 002

Remember to enter your account number in the Invoice No field on the voucher with no spaces, dashes or other punctuation.  This will allow payments to be quickly and accurately posted to the correct utility account. Evergy has clarified that the account number must be entered first in this field, but agencies can use the remaining space in the field for other data, such as billing date. The Payment Message field is also available to hold other information relevant to the payment.

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