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Updates to SMART Fiscal Year-End Deadlines and Revision of Informational Circular 20-A-014 Closing of Fiscal Year 2020 and Opening of Fiscal Year 2021

June 11, 2020

Please review the message below from the Division of Budget regarding updates to fiscal year end deadlines:

The Director of the Budget, Larry Campbell, and the Secretary of Administration, DeAngela Burns-Wallace, have accelerated the previously posted deadlines for entries into SMART to June 15, 2020 for any of the following SMART entries that include funding from the State General Fund.   This new deadline applies to all purchase requisitions over $5,000 that require prior authorization, purchase orders over $5,000, GL encumbrances over $5,000, and travel authorizations over $5,000. 

For purchase requisitions over $5,000 that require prior authorization by the Office of Procurement and Contracts, please email the Prior Authorization Request Form and supporting documentation to your Division of the Budget analyst before entering into SMART.  DOB will reply with an acknowledgement which should be included in the documentation entered into SMART.  Agencies are strongly advised not to “split” transactions by generating multiple entries for the same transaction in order to avoid the $5,000 limit.  The June 26, 2020 deadline remains in effect for any additional entries into SMART not specified in this communication.

We appreciate your willingness to follow this accelerated deadline so we can closely monitor the FY 2020 State General Fund balance.  Questions regarding this requested change should be directed to your Division of the Budget analyst.

A revised Informational Circular 20-A-014 has been published today on the Department of Administration's website at: FY2020 - Accounting Info Circs.

Deadline changes as a result of this message appear in red font within the informational circular and day by day summary.  Sections with changes include: Requisitions/Purchase Orders, Travel Authorizations, and GL Encumbrances.

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