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Suppliers updated with ACH Payment Locations

March 7, 2019

Per the Department of Administration’s initiative to increase SMART ACH participation rates, the default location has been changed to ACH for the following suppliers:

Atmos Energy Corporation ID XXXXXX2282 Location 004
Black Hills Energy ID XXXXXX9423 Location 002
Kansas City Power and Light ID XXXXXX8617 Location 002

Future payments should be made using these locations when possible.  Please consider processing change orders on any POs that are set up with the other locations as this is what will default into the voucher. Otherwise, you will need to change the location on the Payments tab of the voucher after the PO is associated with the voucher.

Interface files (and the underlying agency system) should be updated to use the default location for these suppliers.

Please remember, a field that contains the account number alone greatly improves the supplier’s ability to match payments with the appropriate account.
Going forward, enter the account number, and the account number only, in the Invoice Number/Invoice No field on the voucher.  Do not include leading or trailing characters such as Acct# or # or other information, such as billing period. 

The Payment Message field on the voucher should be used for other information, such as billing period.
Continue to encourage all suppliers to receive payment via ACH. Submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket to the Supplier Team to request a DA-130 form.

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