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Supplier Entry - Issues with location when adding new suppliers

March 7, 2019

Since changes were made to the new supplier entry process last week, users have been experiencing issues with the Location number and Description.

SMART is defaulting Location ‘001’ and ‘SYSTEM CHECK’ for the first location record, even when the user is entering ‘ACH ****1234’.  Until SMART can be updated, users should save the record with the incorrect ‘SYSTEM CHECK’ description, and then BEFORE leaving the Location tab, update the Description to (for example) ‘ACH ****1234’ and save the record again.  The description will save in SMART correctly.

Users are also experiencing issues when entering two locations.  SMART is defaulting the second location in as ‘001’, and users receive a ‘duplicate key value’ error.  Until SMART can be updated, users should save the record with just one location, and BEFORE leaving the location tab, add the next location.  Users will receive the Preview Supplier Audit pop-up box and will need to enter Reason Code ‘NEW LOC’ and ‘new location’ in the Comments box before scrolling to the left and selecting OK to exit the pop-up and saving the record.

We apologize for the inconvenience and extra processing steps and will notify users when this has been corrected.  If you experience issues when completing these steps, please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket to the Supplier Team for assistance.

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