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Action Required: Default Dispatch Method Update

July 24, 2019

Users changing the Dispatch Method on POs after approving them is causing processing delays in the Hourly Batch process numerous times a week.

In nearly all cases, users are manually changing the Dispatch Method from ‘Email’ to ‘Print’. To combat this problem, the SMART Team will be updating the default PO Dispatch Method for all Business Units to ‘Print’ before start-of-day 09/02/2019.

Since this is a setting at the Business Unit level, all POs created by the agency will have the same default Dispatch Method - in this case ‘Print’.

Action Item: If your agency would like to retain ‘Email’ as its default Dispatch Method, please submit a ManageEngine Service Desk request stating that by 08/30/2019. Please use the Subject Line: ‘PO Dispatch Method Default’.

The Dispatch Method can continue to be changed on each individual PO, as needed.

Also, if ‘Print’ as the default Dispatch Method does not end up working well for your agency, a ManageEngine Service Desk request can be submitted to request the default Dispatch Method be changed back to ‘Email’.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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