Year-End Purchasing Information

To encumber monies for FY 2013, requisitions must be sourced to POs and the POs must be approved, budget checked and dispatched by end of business on June 27, 2013.

1. Future Dating Requisitions:  If an Agency needs to process a requisition using FY 2014 funds prior to June 27th, the agency should take the following steps:

  • Enter the requisition and select the ‘Save & preview approvals’ option.
  • Submit a Service Desk request asking that the budget date be changed to an FY 2014 date.
  • Once the budget date has been changed, select the ‘Save & submit’ button on the requisition.
  • The requisition will source to a PO; however, the PO will not pass budget check until the FY 2014 appropriations budget has been loaded.

2. No Back Dating of Requisitions:  Requisitions/purchase orders entered after June 27, 2013 will NOT be back dated to a 2013 Fiscal Year budget date.

3. Negative PO Lines:  Negative PO lines create unauthorized budget.  Agencies must cancel or close any negative PO lines currently in SMART prior to close of business on June 27, 2013.  The KS_PO_NEGATIVE_PO_LINES query was designed to identify those POs that have a negative PO line. 

:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer > KS_PO_NEGATIVE_PO_LINES 

Job Aid: Using the KS_PO_NEGATIVE_PO_LINES Query

4. Reconciling P-Card Transactions:  Agencies are encouraged to reconcile P-Card transactions on a daily basis, especially during the month of June.  Final FY 2013 P-Card transactions are expected to be available for reconciliation on June 23.  The last P-Card voucher build process for FY 2013 will run the morning of June 27.  The resulting P-Card vouchers must be approved and successfully budget checked prior to 3:00 PM on June 27 so they are eligible to process in pay cycle.  Consequently, agencies will have three (3) business days to reconcile the final 2013 P-Card transactions.

5. Deleted P-Card Vouchers/lines:  Agencies should not delete P-Card vouchers/lines.  The deletion of a P-Card voucher/line does not update the P-Card transaction; consequently, the P-Card transaction retains a voucher ID and voucher line number that no longer exists in SMART.  This gives the appearance that the P-Card transaction has not been paid.  The KS_PO_PCRD_VCHR_DELETED query was designed to identify those P-Card vouchers/lines that have been deleted. 

:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer > KS_PO_PCRD_VCHR_DELETED 

Job Aid:    Using the KS_PO_PCRD_VCHR_DELETED Query

6. Month End Checklist:  Agencies should use the Purchasing Month End Checklist as a resource for identifying and resolving any outstanding requisition, purchase order or P-Card transaction issues.  Any identified issues must be resolved by close of day on June 27, 2013.

Purchasing Month End Checklist

An additional query has been developed to assist agencies with identifying requisition lines that need to have some action taken prior to year end close:  KS_PO_REQS_OPEN_PNDNG

 Navigation:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer > KS_PO_REQS_OPEN_PNDNG

 Job Aid: Using the KS_PO_REQS_OPEN_PNDNG Query