Year-End Project Costing Information

Federal Funds Cannot be Negative at Year-End

All Federal funds that have been allowed to go negative for reimbursement processing must be in a positive cash position by fiscal year end.  Therefore, agencies with Federal funds tied to Customer Contracts should process any FY2013 billing worksheets that have not yet been billed or written off to reverse the revenue recognition that occurs as billing worksheets are created.

Follow the steps below to identify unprocessed billing worksheets:

1. Run the KS_PC_BILLING_WORKSHEET query & identify the lines that are FY2013 reimbursable expenditures:

a. Navigate to: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer

b. Search by Query Name for: KS_PC_BILLING_WORKSHEET

c. Click on the link to run the query to Excel
Image showing how to search for the KS_PC_BILLING_WORKSHEET query using the Query Viewer screen

2. Enter these parameters using your agency business unit number to view all unprocessed billing worksheets:
Image of the KS_PC_BILLING_WORKSHEET query parameters

3. Click the "View Results" button, which will prompt you to open an Excel document showing detailed bill line information from the billing worksheet

4. Use the "Acctg Date" field to filter down to results from FY 2013 that are available for processing. The value in the "Invoice" field is the billing worksheet number.
Results from the KS_PC_BILLING_WORKSHEET query in Excel