Module of the Month - Year-End Processing

FY 2013 will be the first year with no concurrent processing period. As such, many of the date-related issues should not occur this year. Below are links to module-specific information that will help address common issues seen during year-end processing. A link to the Month-End Checklists page is also included. Many of these month-end tasks also apply to year-end.

Learn More About Year-End Processing:

The following document has been created to assist agency users with the FY 2013 closing processes.  The content of this document is the same as the content within Circular 13-a-006, but is presented in a different format:

Year-End Circular

Detailed tasks and timelines for Year-End processing can be found in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer Accounting Informational Circulars.

Month-End Checklists

Many of the Fiscal Year-End tasks are also included on the Month-End Checklists.