Reviewing Accounting Entries for Expense Reports

The Expense Report Accounting Entries page is a very helpful tool that provides a link between Expense Report accounting entries and the GL Journals on which they are recorded.  After expense reports have been paid and posted, users may wish to review the related accounting entries.  

As transactions run through the nightly Post Liabilities and Post Payment batch process, accounting entries are generated by SMART and then become visible on the Expense Report Accounting Entries page.  Only Expense Reports that have been posted will have entries on this page.  

The Expense Report Acctg Entries page will show the accounting entries associated to an Expense Report.  Generally, Expense Reports will have an 'EXACCRUAL' and 'EXPAYMENT' record.  The EXACCRUAL records the liability for the Expense Report.  The EXPAYMENT records the accounting entries associated with the payment of an Expense Report.  

From the Home page in SMART, click the 'Travel and Expenses' link on the left navigation menu, then click 'Manage Accounting', then click 'View/Adjust Accounting Entries', and then click the 'Expense Report Acctg Entries' link.

Step 1:

On the Expense Report Acctg Entries page:

Enter the Expense Report ID number in the "begins with" field, and then click the Search button.
Expense Report Acctg Entries page

Step 2:

The Expense Report Acctg Entries page opens:

    1. Use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll to the far right-hand side of the page to ensure all records are being displayed.

      Generally, there are two records for each expense report that has processed for payment.

      If an expense report has been 'Unposted' and 'Reposted', or 'Closed' additional corresponding records will be displayed.

    2. If there are multiple records, click the "View All" link to view all the records.
Expense Report Acctg Entries page - ChartFields tab

Step 3:

The numbers in the list below refer to the numbered elements contained within the screenshot (shown at right):

    1. Clicking the Employee Profile icon opens the Employee Profile page.

    2. Clicking the Expense Report Detail icon opens the expense report.

    3. Clicking the "View All" link ensures all record lines are displayed and visible.

    4. In the Expense Report Journal Lines section:  

      The ChartFields tab displays the accounting entries for each expense report distribution line.
      4a:  The ChartFields tab also displays the system-generated accounting lines for the offset accounts (such as Expenses Payable).

    5. To view the journal information for the line, click on the Journal Information tab.

Expense Report Acctg Entries page expanded

Step 4:

In the Expense Report Journal Lines section:

The Journal Information tab displays the Journal ID, the Journal Date, and the GL Journal Line Number for the associated accounting entry line. 

    1. To view more detailed journal information, click on the View Related Links icon (shown as '1' in the screenshot to the right).

For this example, we will drill down further into the details for GL Journal Line Number '36'.
Expense Report Acctg Entries page - Journal information

Step 5:

On the Expense Report Acctg Entries page, in the Expense Report Journal Lines section:

Click the View Related Links icon to open the Review Journal Status page (shown in the screenshot at right).

The Review Journal Status page is used to locate specific journal status records.
Upon opening the Review Journal Status page, SMART automatically populates the Business Unit, Journal ID, Journal Date, and UnPost Sequence fields.

Using the search criteria, click the Search button to perform the search.

Review Journal Status page

Step 6:

Clicking the Search button on the Review Journal Status page opens the Journal Lines page.

Use the Journal Lines page to view more detailed information for the specific journal line. (This process is also known as 'drilling down' to view additional information).

For this example, (shown in the screenshot at right), the user clicks the Line # link for journal Line # '36'.
    1. Click the link for journal Line # 36.
Journal Lines detail page

Step 7:

Clicking the Line # link on the Journal Lines page opens the Journal Entries page (as shown in screenshot below).

Use the Journal Entries page to view additional detailed information associated with the Journal ID line.
Journal entries page