P-Card Link Not Appearing on PO - Page 1


I want to pay for an item with a P-Card, but the 'Use Procurement Card' link (P-Card link) is not displaying on the Purchase Order (PO).  How do I get the P-Card link to display on the PO?

There are several criteria that must be met before the ‘Use Procurement Card’ link will display on a PO:

  1. The P-Card must have a current expiration date;
  2. The Buyer must have ‘proxy’ rights to the P-Card;
  3. The Vendor must be set up to accept P-Cards; and
  4. The Vendor Location effective date must be on or before the PO Date.

The following web pages provide the steps to validate that each of these criteria has been met, and provides the steps to resolve issues associated with each of these criteria.

There are four navigation buttons displayed below (one button for each of the criteria listed above).   When working to resolve this issue please use the 'Step' buttons in their numerical order.  

To begin, please click on the 'Step One - P-Card Expiration Date' button displayed below: