Interface Testing

We know that there are times when agencies have a need to test existing SMART interfaces that they are using, for both outbound and inbound processes.

When you have a need to test, we recommend that you use the following procedure:

Log a Service Desk ticket.  In the “Category” field, select the module in which the interface runs, e.g., the INF02 is an “Accounts Payable” interface.  Select “Interface Testing” as the “Subcategory”.  This will allow the ticket to be routed to the correct staff.  If you select “Interfaces” as the “Category”, you will not have the option of selecting “Interface Testing” as the “Subcategory”. 

In the Service Desk ticket, please list:


  1. The file name that you would like us to process (for inbound files to SMART) - Remember that this file needs the extra ‘T’ in the name so the file does not get picked up in production.  For example, XX.TOSMRT.AP02.XXXX.D140509.T160003.IN is a production file and XX.TTOSMRT.AP02.XXXX.D140509.T160003.IN is a test file.
  2. How many documents you are testing

  3. What you are trying to accomplish – Do you just need to build vouchers?  Would you like for your vouchers to go through paycycle to create payments?  Do you need any outbound interfaces as well, or any other special testing needs?

  4.  What other test documentation you would like to have returned (e.g., screenshots of particular screens)

  5. Any deadlines you are trying to meet for this testing

We will try our best to accommodate your test schedule.  However, sometimes there are issues outside our direct control which may delay testing.  The test system is often used for other test processes by the OITS technical staff, making it unavailable for our use, or there are SMART production issues which take higher priority than the testing activities.