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While this month's Module of the Month is not specific to a particular module, the following information is useful for completing tasks in SMART.  The topic originated from questions at the August, 2014, ASTRA meeting and questions received via SMART Web.  So again, your comments and questions help build this site.

Travel and Expense

FY15 Travel Trifold
FY15 Travel Expense Handbook
15-A-001 - FY2015 Private Vehicle Mileage Rates
15-A-002 - FY2015 Subsistence Rates


Vendor Payment Self Service 

Department of Administration Document Center

The Document Center provides both Accounting and Payroll Forms.  Accounting Forms and instructions applicable to SMART include the following:

     DA-130     Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Vendor Payment Form instructions
     DA-6         Lost Check Statement
     DA-6A       Lost Check Statement - Address ID Change
     DA-6B       Lost Check Statement - Return Check to Agency
     DA-6C       Lost Check Statement - Return Check to Agency and Address ID Change
     DA-7ACH   ACH Cancellation Request
     DA-7CH     SMART Check Cancellation Request
     DA-7TE     Travel and Expenses Cancellation Request
     DA-85       Affidavit of Payees Failure to Provide Taxpayer Identification Number
     TM-21       SMART Vendor Maintenance Form
     W-9          Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (KS)

These and many other forms are available at the following link:

Document Center