Using Grants to manage State matching/cost share commitments Pg 1

Attaching a Grant to a Customer Contract will prompt SMART to automatically recognize reimbursable project costs vs. cost shared costs based on the fund used on the expenditure transaction. Agencies can identify specific funds that are used to charge non-reimbursable project costs in the Grants module set-up pages. This will prevent Customer Contracts user agencies from having to manually identify and write-off non-reimbursable costs on the billing worksheet.

An example of how SMART identifies cost shared transactions using the Grants module follows:

Step 1:  The agency identifies which fund codes should be considered cost share when used on project-related transactions. This is set at a system-wide level, so the same funds must be considered cost sharing funds across
all agency projects.

      Note: The default is to set funds 1000 – 2999 as cost sharing funds. Each agency may identify
      additional funds, to be set up by the SMART Grants analyst (open a Kansas Service Desk request
      to identify funds as cost sharing funds for Grants).

Screenshot of the Facilities Admin Options page showing the Cost Sharing section containing the ChartField values such as Fund '1000'.

Step 2:  The agency then has a few options for establishing the relationship between Grants, Project Costing, and Customer Contracts.

If the project is

A.  Does the agency want to track pre-award information in Grants?

  1. YES = Create a proposal in the Grants module.  Please refer to the How to Create a Grant” job aid on the SMART website.

    Generating an Award from Grants will automatically create the link between the Grant and the Customer Contract that is required to track cost shared expenditures.

  2. NO = Create the project in Project Costing and the contract in Customer Contracts first. Then, create an award profile in Grants from the Customer Contract.

    Even if the contract is already active, an Award Profile in Grants can be created from the contract
    General tab and the cost share tracking will begin from the grant creation point forward:

Screenshot of the General Tab showing the 'Create Award Profile' button.

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