Adding a Contract ID to multiple Requisition Lines

The SMART team is excited to announce that as of March 19, 2014 agencies have the ability to associate contract IDs to multiple requisition lines using the ‘Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting’ page within eProcurement. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Before this page can be used to add Contract IDs, the selected requisition lines must have Vendor IDs and the Vendor IDs must be the same for all selected requisition lines. 


  • The Vendor ID and Contract ID cannot be applied at the same time using the ‘Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting’ page.  The Vendor ID can be applied to the selected requisition lines first and then the user can navigate back to the ‘Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting’ page to apply the Contract ID.


  • The ‘Contract Line Nbr’ search field will display only when the contract selected has at least one (1) contract line.  If the ‘Contract Line Nbr’ field is displayed, the user is required to select a contract line number. 


The ‘Entering Requisition – Training Guide’ has been updated with information concerning this modification.

A job aid for using the ‘Modify Line / Shipping / Accounting’ page within eProcurement has been added to the SMART Web training section.